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Looking For a 40-Passenger Party Bus Rental In Wayne, NJ? Roll With Blue Streak.

Your event, party or big night out gets even better when you climb into Blue Streak Limousine’s 40-passenger party bus rental in Wayne, NJ.  Blue Streak gets you there in style and luxurious comfort, as the good times kick into high gear the minute you’re inside!

Get your gang aboard Blue Streak Limousine’s luxurious, amenities-rich 40-passenger party bus and get the party rolling as soon as you pull away from the curb.

Getting your posse together and sharing the anticipation and excitement of a special night is our idea of good times, at Blue Streak.  Enjoy your ride, with every amenity you can think of, from Bluetooth to a bathroom that keeps the party going without having to pull over for breaks.

You might never want to get out of our 40-passenger party bus rental in Wayne, NJ!

We’re party bus rental experts at Blue Streak, with a fleet of elegantly appointed, premium vehicles ready to show you a night to remember.  Whether you’re getting everyone to a prom, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a fabulous night out in New York City, we’ve got the top-of-the-line vehicles to get you there, safely and comfortably.

Mad amenities.

Blue Streak’s party bus features all the mad amenities you expect from a luxury 40-passenger party bus rental in Wayne, NJ like Blue Streak’s.  With a flat screen television, DVD player and mood lighting that make the ride luxurious and fun, you can even hear your favorite tunes on a state-of-the-art sound system.

Whether you’re rolling to the bustle of the Big Apple or a corporate bash, our party buses make getting there more than half the fun.

Great service.

Our drivers are road warriors who know exactly where they’re going.  They’re in the know about weather conditions and traffic advisories as professional chauffeurs, so you won’t miss a minute of the festivities because of traffic congestion or overshooting an exit ramp.

Roll into your night in plush comfort in our spotlessly maintained 40-passenger party bus rental in Wayne, NJ.  Enjoy the company of friends, music, television and something cold to sip, as you get there in high style.

The party doesn’t have to end.

The party’s over?  So what?

You’re ready to roll on and make the most of your night. Your party co-pilots at Blue Streak won’t mind if you want to keep the party going, once your event’s over.  The party ends when you say it does.

With Blue Streak’s licensed, fully insured service, you’re treated to worry-free enjoyment.

Let’s get it started!

Our luxuriously appointed 40-passenger party bus rental in Wayne, NJ makes your big night unforgettable.  Enjoyed in elegant, finely detailed comfort with friends and all the trimmings you’d care to name, we’re the icing on your cake.

Blue Streak’s professional planners are standing by to get your party started.  Call to book a 40-passenger party bus rental in Wayne, NJ and roll in matchless luxury with one of New Jersey’s top-rated limousine companies.

Let’s get it started!