Stress-Free Holiday Travel To and From the Airport

The film, Trains, Plane and Automobiles is a classic.  That’s because most of us have been in similar situations.  We’re trying to get home for the Holidays.  So is everybody else and their little dog, too.

Holiday travel can be a screaming blue nightmare.  With winter weather across most of the nation thrown in (just for fun), elbowing our way through the throngs of others doing exactly what we’re doing can be stressful.

But it doesn’t need to be!  There’s a way to make it happen.  Stress-free Holiday travel to and from the airport is made much easier by practicing a few simple hacks.


Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  Sure, but the Holidays are all about the details.  In the run-up to your departure, you’ve probably been a busy little bee, shopping, tying up loose ends at work and attending festive events.  You can get a little frazzled.  So, plan carefully.  Make a list, to keep you on point.

Make sure all your documents are in order.  If possible, take only a carry on.  You’re not running away from home.  You’re visiting, so travel light and avoid having to deal with cumbersome, time-consuming checked baggage.  Traveling light allows you to bypass the check-in process.  You can check in online, book your seat and get ahead of the crowd.

Book a reliable transportation service to take you to the airport and pick you up when you return home, well in advance.  The Holidays are a busy time.  Avoid disappointment by securing your transportation as a top-of-the-list priority.

Leave the car at home, with Blue Streak Limousine.

Taking your car to the airport during the Holidays is a losing proposition.  That lot is going to be full.  It’s going to cost you an arm and a leg and then, there’s the trek to the terminal.  Leaving the car at home is one of the best things you can do, to enjoy stress-free Holiday travel to and from the airport.

Relatives and friends may kindly offer you a ride.  If you’d prefer to stay on good terms, we’d like to suggest you not take them up on that.  The pick up and drop off areas at airports are routinely slammed at the Holidays.  Just add snow.

Preserve your valued relationships.  Call Blue Streak Limousine, instead.

We’re one of New Jersey and New York’s top-rated limousine services, offering our guests stress-free Holiday travel to and from the airport.  Punctual, courteous and intimately familiar with the best routes, we’ll get you there when you need to be there.

Our drivers are professionals who foresee contingencies like travel snarls and winter weather conditions.  They even know how to get you around accidents those conditions can cause.

The Holidays should be a happy time, spent with family and friends, in celebration.  Keep them that way with stress-free Holiday travel to and from the airport with the pros at Blue Streak Limo.

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  Let the pros at Blue Streak help.

5 Airport Pickup Tricks for International Travelers

Air travel has never been so accessible.  But with accessibility, comes an increase in traffic.  Airports seem to bet bigger every year and so do the crowds of people being moved across the planet.

But with a few common-sense tricks, you can make the experience much more pleasant.  These 5 airport pick up tricks for international travelers move you through the airport at warp speed.  They get you to the curb, ready to be whisked off, less stressfully and more smoothly.

1. Shoot through security.

There is nothing international travelers dread more than the security line.  You see it, as it snakes toward the metal detectors.  You prepare to remove your shoes, your belt, your watch, your jewelry.  But wait!  There’s a better way.

The TSA now offers a convenient service which pre-screens you.  As a trusted traveler, you won’t even have to take your laptop out of your carry on.  You just breeze through, with all your clothes on!  It’s now available at 180 airports.

Similarly, the US Customs Department’s Global Entry Program makes security a cinch for international travelers.

2. There’s an app for that.

International travelers with iPhones have a new BFF in TripIt.  This nifty application makes organizing your travel data easy.  Simply forward your travel confirmation to  The confirmation is automatically converted into an itinerary you can edit yourself.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

For $49, you can upgrade to the TripIt Pro version, which provides flight notifications in real time (for itinerary changes), keeps track of your rewards programs status and tracks seats.

3. Travel light.

Limiting yourself to just a carry-on bag is your wormhole through time and space.  Not only can you breeze through the check-in process by doing it online or at an airport kiosk, you don’t have to cool your heels in baggage claim.

If you must take checked bags, don’t overlook the porters.  For a small fee, you save the check-in hassle.  Don’t forget to attach something distinctive to the handle of your checked baggage to ensure it’s easy to identify, saving you time on the way out.

4. Travel right.

Arrive refreshed and alert.  If you’re connecting with a pick up, the last thing you want to be is bleary.  Drink plenty of water on board (remember not to buy it until you’re through security).  Avoid alcohol and don’t take off your shoes, no matter how tempting.  Removing your shoes in flight can allow them to swell.

5. Blue Streak Limousine.

5 airport pick up tricks for international travelers wouldn’t be complete without our number one trick – schedule a pick up with Blue Streak Limo.

Blue Streak is one of New Jersey and New York’s top-rated limo companies.  We’ll be there when you need us, offering courteous, world class airport pick up service.  Our drivers are known for their insider knowledge of your destination, offering information about amenities, fine dining, and attractions.

Blue Streak Limo tops the list of 5 airport pick up tricks for international travelers.

The Assurance of Service

We’ll be there.

Arriving at the airport can be an adventure, especially if you don’t know the destination well.  You need to know you have a ride waiting, with a courteous, savvy driver who’s got the goods on your point of arrival.  When you book an airport pickup with Blue Streak Limo, you can rest assured we’ll be there.

But being there is just the beginning of what our outstanding airport pickup service offers.  Reliable service is the foundation, but affordable luxury is our gift to our guests.  Our fleet of top-of-the-line vehicles gets you where you need to go in impeccable style, too.

To reliability and luxury, we add the world-class service our knowledgeable, courteous drivers provide.  At Blue Streak, every guest is a VIP, so our chauffeurs bring VIP service to their work.  With intimate knowledge of the region, they whisk you away.  They always know the best routes.

Our chauffeurs get you where you need to go and tell you what you need to know.  Blue Streak’s drivers are at your service.  Their insider knowledge about your destination, its amenities, attractions, restaurants and nightlife is thorough and outstanding.

The airport pickup expert.

Blue Streak Limo airport pickup expert.  We’ll be there when we’re expected to be and we’ll get you where you’re going, handling everything from your baggage to your questions about places to go and things to do.  We’ll handle your bags with the greatest care, while you enjoy the plush luxury of our impeccably maintained vehicle from the back seat.

From stretch limousines to the classic style of exquisite sedans, to late model SUVs and passenger vans, we offer a fleet of elegant vehicles.  Every car in our fleet is maintained to the highest degree of comfort and cleanliness.  We’re all about the details, the comfort, the style and the service.

You’re a VIP with Blue Streak.

Weary corporate travelers and globe-trotting adventurers alike know that Blue Streak Limousine is a world class service extending VIP courtesy to all our discerning guests.  Contingencies?  We have them covered.  Our drivers remain in contact with our professional dispatchers continually, ensuring that whether your flight is early, late or on the dot, your airport pickup is there for you.

Guest confidence and security mean everything to us at Blue Streak Limousine.  Fully licensed and insured, our world class service reaches beyond the basics, delivering stress-free airport pickup you can rely on.

Blue Streak’s world class service – a call away.

Blue streak’s world class service is a call away.  Our staff is the best in the business, offering concierge airport pickup that reaches beyond the basics.  Schedule your airport pickup with us from the USA, Canada, or anywhere in the world. We’re ready to serve you, offering our first-class premier limousine service.

Blue Streak Limousine airport pickup is the VIP service everyone can enjoy.  Our top rated airport pickup services offer affordable, elegant, world-class comfort that’s a cut above.