Reasons You Should Roll In a Limo This Summer 2017

Up here in the northeastern USA, we all await summer like kids waiting for Christmas morning.  Just as soon as we possibly can, we move our lives outdoors, spending as much time in the great outside as possible.  We shuck off our windbreakers and so’westers with gusto.

At Blue Streak, we think summer is worthy of intense enjoyment and celebration.  That’s where Blue Streak Limousine’s affordable luxury comes into play.  We offer summer-crazed Garden State sun worshippers a unique way to celebrate summer.

Roll in a limo.

Whether you’re going on a wine country tour, or doing a self-styled Sopranos season-by-season nostalgia trip, Blue Streak can take you there in high style.

With Blue Streak behind the wheel, New York City is a sleek, smooth limo ride away to enjoy its scintillating lights by night.  The Jersey Shore is within pink hummer shooting distance with you and a few of your nearest and dearest getting down to your favorite tunes with its state-of-the-art sound system.

With Blue Streak, your summertime dreams become a luxurious reality.  From sleek sedans to party buses, we make getting there at least half the fun, with amenities-packed vehicles to suit every taste and occasion.

The fleet of dreams.

One of the most important reasons you should roll in a limo this summer 2017 is the quality of our impeccably maintained fleet of vehicles.  Detailed to perfection, your comfort is our mission, with a fleet of late model rides that bring you a stylish summer getaway.

Stretch limos and even vintage Rolls-Royces are included in our exceptional fleet of vehicles at Blue Streak.  You’re spoiled for choice and further spoiled with world-class service that would make a VIP blush.

But then, everyone’s a VIP at Blue Streak.

Above and beyond.

A Blue Streak chauffeur is a consummate professional, with a keen, insider knowledge of New Jersey and New York roads.  They know how to get there, with an almost uncanny understanding of the best route to get you there smoothly.

In constant contact with our expert dispatch team, the pro drivers at Blue Streak see things coming.  They’re not clairvoyants.  They’re just in touch with contingencies like traffic snarls, road work and weather conditions.  Their job is to know, so you don’t have to think about a thing – except having a great time.

Whatever you need to know, a Blue Streak chauffeur knows it.  They’re insiders, so you can bet they’ll give you the skinny on the good stuff, wherever you’re headed.

The Blue Streak edge.

The reasons you should roll in a limo this summer 2017 are too numerous to mention, but we hope we’ve stoked your imagination with this post.  Blue Streak is a top-rated limousine company because we know that comfort, service and affordable luxury are in the details.

With VIP service and outstanding vehicles, we’re New Jersey’s source for exceptional ground transportation that makes a fun outing an experience you’ll never forget.

No matter where you want to go this summer, go with Blue Streak.

See New Jersey and New York with the Best

There’s so much to see in our little corner of the world.  From the diverse charms of New Jersey to teeming New York City, we’ve got it all.

At Blue Streak Limousine, we take pride in being one of New Jersey’s top-rated limousine services.  Because we know the region so well, we’ve enjoyed watching grow into one of the most fascinating destinations anyone can hope to visit.  If you’re new here, we’d love to show you around.

Gardens and vineyards and skyscrapers.  Oh my!

They don’t call New Jersey the Garden State for nothing.  You could spend a lifetime visiting the gardens of this state and still not discover everything they offer enthusiasts of nature and beauty.  Whether you’re an orchid aficionado or an admirer of native plants in their natural settings, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of New Jersey’s gardens.  Blue Streak can take you there in style.

With our intimate knowledge of New Jersey’s public gardens, Blue Streak Limo will select a unique sightseeing tour itinerary that reflects your interests.  One lifetime may not be enough to see them all, but we can get you started.  With a sightseeing tour tailored to your personal tastes, we’ll send you off on an unforgettable experience in the comfort of one of our luxury vehicles.

Wine enthusiasts will know that New Jersey is also home to more than 50 vineyards, covering 1,000 acres of the state.  Considering we’ve only been in the wine-making business since the 1980s, that’s rather impressive.

Blue Streak Limousine can create a Wine Trail experience that takes oenophiles on a unique sightseeing tour, revealing the very best of New Jersey wine.  Coddled in the cushy comfort of one of our immaculately maintained cars, you’ll see New Jersey from a wine lover’s point of view.  You’ll probably want to bring home a few bottles of your favorite vintages!

With the Big Apple on New Jersey’s door step, how can visitors to our state miss the opportunity to experience it?  New York City is a playground of discovery.  From the Museum of Modern Art, to Fifth Avenue, to Central Park’s year-round beauty, there’s no city on earth like it.

Blue Streak Limo’s chauffeurs are New York City insiders, with the knowledge visitors need to get the most from a sightseeing tour.  Including favorites like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, our knowledgeable drivers can even introduce you to some off-the-beaten-path gems like the site of political hotbed Tammany Hall, or Robert de Niro’s TriBeCa.

Explore in style.

Blue Streak Limousine is your sightseeing tour source in New Jersey and New York City, offering a world of possibilities.  We love our part of the world and take pride in showing it to you through our eyes.

All sorts of itineraries can be accommodated, from a sightseeing tour of locations used in the Sopranos television show, to a walking tour of Damon Runyon’s favorite Guys and Dolls haunts.  Our only limitation is your imagination. Call and start the adventure with Blue Streak Limousine.