What Are the Etiquettes Which Need to Be Followed When Hiring a Limousine Service?

Emily Post, we’re not.  Miss Manners also, we’re not.  What we are, however, is a top-ranked limousine service in New Jersey, so we know a bit about limo hiring etiquette.

Most people don’t know which fork to use for the seafood course, so don’t feel bad if you’re asking what are the etiquettes which need to be followed when hiring a limousine service.  A lot of people really have no idea (about seafood forks or limo hiring etiquette).

Consider this post a PSA for sophisticated limousine guests in training.  After reading this, you’ll have all the information you need to be the perfect guest!

Respect is fundamental.

As a limo company, we host all kinds of people.  Not all those people are clear on modeling basic respect for car and driver.  And while that’s sad, treating either the vehicle you’ve hired or the chauffeur driving it with contempt can land you on the curb.

That’s right.  If you’re rude, out-of-control, or act as though it’s the first time you’ve sat in the back seat of a car, your driver has every right to terminate your contract with us, immediately.

At Blue Streak, we strive to offer you the luxurious ride of your life, but if you step outside the bounds of generally accepted respectful behavior, you’re stepping outside the bounds of our contractual obligation with you.

Paying for a service doesn’t imply that you have carte blanche to be abusive, or to damage the property you’re renting.  Respect is not only fundamental.  It’s required.

Follow the regulations of your jurisdiction.

Blue Streak is a fully licensed and insured provider of luxury ground transportation.  That means we’re subject to the rules of the jurisdictions we operate in.

And so are you and your party.

Playing by the rules is something we’re all required to do, in every facet of our lives.  Part of your agreement with us is that you’ll conform to the regulations our company conforms to.

Stick to the plan.

Like most responsible limousine service providers, Blue Streak adheres to a “plus 3” rule.  We advise guests to book a limousine or party bus, or any other vehicle from our fleet, capable of accommodating the number of people in their party, plus 3.

The plus 3 rule gives you latitude.  Should you have a larger party than expected, you have 3 extra spaces for unexpected guests.  If numbers swell higher, though, you’re asking Blue Streak to violate regulations.  We can’t do that, as it could mean losing our license.

So, stick to the plan and ensure that your party doesn’t burgeon into a larger group at the last minute.  That can mean disappointment for everyone.

At Blue Streak, we love showing our guests a great time, with peerless luxury and comfort and outstanding customer service.  The etiquettes which need to be followed when hiring a limousine service exist for your safety and wellbeing.  We follow them to ensure your outing is as enjoyable as possible.

Questions?  Contact us!

The Importance of a Chauffeur Always Being Early

Tardiness is a big no-no for most people in our culture.  Nobody likes people who show up late.  They’re seen as rude and inconsiderate.  But there are several key reasons a chauffeur should always show up not just “on time”, but early.

A Blue Streak, we believe that punctuality is the least you can expect from one of our professional drivers.  In this post, we’re going to talk about the importance of a chauffeur always being early.

Traffic happens.

Let’s face it, New Jersey’s got traffic.  Car, cars and more cars.  With our network of roads and cities with high populations (including nearby New York), there are a lot of people out there on the roads.  Sometimes they have accidents, so there’s more than just traffic volume to worry about.

Blue Streak’s drivers are insiders who know local roads inside out.  In constant contact with our expert dispatch team, they know what’s happening out on the highways and byways, which means you arrive on time and safely. Showing up early is how our drivers keep your itinerary on track.  They won’t leave you wondering why they’re showing up at the last minute. Your driver will be waiting, ready to go and apprised of existing road conditions on your route.

Timely Service.

We select only the most reliable, knowledgeable drivers.  They show up early to your pickup, ensuring you’re on schedule, every time.  We know your time is precious and that your itinerary has been carefully arranged (with the help of our professional planning team).

You’ll never miss a flight, or turn up late for an important client meeting with a Blue Streak chauffeur at the wheel.  We honor your business by providing service that’s not just “on time”, but anticipatory and responsive.  That’s why we’ll be there before you expect us to be.

Your safety and security come first.

Check online reviews of local limousine companies and you’ll see a litany of unsafe driving practices.  Some of our competitors aren’t quite as particular as we are about who they hire.  That means their drivers make up for lost time by speeding, as they try to compensate for tardiness.  Some don’t know what to expect out there, as they arrive unprepared.

Because we’re a professional company that’s been serving New Jersey and New York states for a decade and a half, we don’t play fast and loose with guest security.  We put your safety first, by being prepared for every possible contingency.

You won’t find any online reviews like those we’ve described above about us.

That’s not how we roll.

Professionals show up early.

Blue Streak gets you there on time, because we’re professionals who show up early.  Thoroughly prepared and aware, we’re the top-rated New Jersey limousine company that gives our guests the gift of punctuality, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

For a premier limousine service which offers the ultimate in luxurious comfort and guest safety, Blue Streak is your source for timely ground transportation.  Contact us to ride with the best.

Benefits of Chauffeured Ground Transportation vs. The Drawbacks of Car Rental

The event is nigh and you’re wondering how everyone is going to get there.  You’ve held up your end of the bargain, but what the heck is everyone else up to?

Is it time to bite your nails?

C’mon.  Life’s too short and you’ve got enough to do.

The benefits of chauffeured ground transportation vs. the drawbacks of car rental are numerous, but we have some compelling reasons for you to choose the chauffeured option.  Let’s look at why chauffeured ground transportation is the right choice for people who’d rather not tear their hair out on any special day.

You’re running the show.

Let’s face it.  It’s your event.  You need to be aware of the movement of key people you’ve invited.  Is it really a good idea leaving to chance the timely arrival of rambunctious groomsmen?  Frisky graduates?

We think not.

At Blue Streak Limousine, we believe that the smart alternative is to organize your special event’s ground transportation with a company providing professional, chauffeured ground transportation that helps you get the party started on time and in high, elegant style your guests won’t forget.

Road knowledge.

Are you quite confident that Uncle Rolfe from Nantucket is going to know how to get to your family reunion with his dodgy GPS in that rental car from the airport?

We wouldn’t count on it.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to put Uncle Rolfe from Nantucket in the capable hands of one of Blue Streak’s courteous, expert chauffeurs?

We sure think so.

You know he’s going to be picked up at the airport by a skilled driver, with knowledge of regional roads and conveyed to the reunion on time, with Blue Streak.  With us, there’s no stress, because we’re pros who know their way around.


Uncle Rolfe from Nantucket aside, what about grandma?  Sure, she’s got her Memaw posse with her, but Alabama’s a long way from New Jersey.

Give her the golden touch her golden years deserve with the gift of cushy elegance and immaculately detailed comfort Blue Streak affords.  She’ll feel as coddled as the Queen of England, as she rides in style from the airport, to her hotel and then, on to the wedding, graduation or reunion, with her courteous driver.

Your special event deserves the very best.  Why not share the love with chauffeured ground transportation that takes the hair-tearing out of your big day’s ground transportation plan?

Spreading the love.

At Blue Streak, we love weddings, graduations, quinceañeras, birthdays and every event that brings people joy.  We can’t think of anything more satisfying than elevating your ride on your special day, making sure Uncle Rolfe and Memaw get there on time, in style and the most luxurious comfort available, for an affordable price.

Blue Streak is the upscale response to car rentals.  We go beyond ground transportation, offering our guests superior professionalism, comfort, value and style to create events of distinction.  We knock rentals right out of the part.

Contact us.  Elevate your ride.

The Benefits of a Limousine vs. Uber

When it comes to ground transportation, Uber seems to be the name on everyone’s lips.  There’s no doubt that the service is overwhelmingly economical.  It’s also easy to access, with the free app downloaded to your mobile device.

But the benefits of a limousine vs. Uber are numerous.  Add to those benefits (which we’ll talk about below), the fact that Uber’s been butting up against resistance wherever it goes and now has some monolithic challenges in its corporate offices.

Blue Streak Limousine is in the business of providing affordable luxury transportation.  We’re not Uber and that’s OK.  We don’t want to be.

Why limos rock.

We understand why people turn to services like Uber and its competitor, Lyft.  They fill a niche.  They service that niche quite well.  But they’re not Blue Streak.

Blue Streak Limousine is a fully licensed, fully insured company.  We provide all our guests with a level of security and accountability you’re unlikely to find with Uber.  Their cars are not held to same standards as ours are.  Neither, to be honest, are their drivers.

Our chauffeurs are professionals who bring our guests superior service and professional knowledge of regional road systems.  Uber’s drivers are essentially people using their own vehicles.  And here’s another factor in the discussion you should be aware of – Uber doesn’t consider its drivers employees.

Contractors, not employees.

At Blue Streak, we respect our employees.  At Uber, the “contractor” status the company’s drivers work under offers them no benefits, no Worker’s Compensation Insurance and no guaranteed wage.  That’s a great advantage for a new company trying to make a buck, but it’s not a great deal for drivers.

Blue Streak believes that our treatment of employees results in better service for our guests.  With a limousine company like ours, guests enjoy a level of service Uber simply can’t offer, with contractors who receive little support from the company.

Affordable prices don’t change.

We pride ourselves on offering our guests plush luxury at an affordable price.  That price doesn’t change because it’s rush hour, or a holiday.  It’s not impacted by a sudden dearth of drivers in your area.  Our prices are fixed, affordable and reliable.  That’s not the case with Uber.

Uber can change prices, based on its supply and demand business model.  For example, if many people in a certain area want an Uber at the same time (especially during peak times), customers pay more.

And that’s not how we roll at Blue Streak.

At Blue Streak, we bring you an exceptional guest experience, in meticulously detailed vehicles.  You ride in style and in the knowledge that your driver is accountable to an employer.

Further, your chauffeur’s employer extends respectful treatment to its employees, which means guests get the world class service we’re famous for.

We know Uber has a place in the world, but it’s no substitute for a limousine from Blue Streak.  The benefits of a limousine vs. Uber are numerous, but these are our bullet points.

Contact us for the best in ground transportation.

Beat the Heat at These Indoor Venues In NYC

Summer in the Big Apple means people looking half dead, walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a matchhead (to quote the Lovin’ Spoonful).

If the back of your neck is getting dirty and gritty, summer in the city can be a lot more tolerable when you seek refuge in one of the splendid pockets of cool found in the concrete jungle.  When the heat gets to be too much to bear, smart people get indoors.

Beat the heat at these indoor venues in NYC and keep your sanity!

The Hispanic Society of America.

This hidden gem is one of NYC’s best kept summer secrets.  Tucked away in a breathtaking Beaux Art building, the Society features art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.  And yes, it’s air conditioned.

Winter Garden Atrium.

Did you immediately feel cooler, just reading the word “winter”?  Multiply the effect by visiting this palm-tree filled atrium, with its views of the Hudson River.  Equipped with free wi-fi, it’s a top spot to keep your climate-controlled cool.

Take the train to Rockaway.

Except at rush hour, the train to Rockaway offers not only a respite from the wilting summer heat, but also a ride through a wildlife sanctuary.  Grab a window seat and take in wild birds like cranes and herons, as you feel terribly pleased with yourself for being so summer-smart.

David Rubinstein Atrium (Lincoln Center).

Did you know that the Municipal Art Society keeps a database of privately-owned spaces open to the public?  This one is right at the top of their list.  Just beholding the 20-foot living wall in this space will make you feel cooler, but it’s also air-conditioned and boasts free wi-fi.

Astoria Public Pool (Queens).

This area is a handy to Manhattan and an up and coming neighborhood.  Even if you don’t swim, you can learn here, as there are free lessons!  This Olympic-sized facility has plenty of room to accommodate you and all your summer-weary friends.

BOAT bar (Brooklyn).

Located in the Boerum Hill area of Brooklyn, BOAT is an unassuming little joint.  Climate controlled, dark and divey, BOAT offers inexpensive cocktails and beer.  Slink in and enjoy a budget-friendly retreat from the heat and feel cool in more ways than one.

A Blue Streak limo.

There’s no better place to keep your cool than in the plush leather back seat of a Blue Streak limo.  Relax and enjoy a turn around the city, as you smugly enjoy the air-conditioned comfort.

Blue Streak Limousine is one of New York and New Jersey’s top-ranked limousine companies.  With everything from sleek sedans to stretch limos, party buses and passenger vans, we bring this region the finest in ground transportation.

Summer in the city can get oppressive.  That’s when smart people seek out climate-controlled goodness.  Beat the heat at these indoor venues in NYC, including the most luxuriously affordable venue around – Blue Streak Limousine.

When the going gets hot, savvy folks call their friends at Blue Streak to beat the summer heat in style, comfort and luxury.

Reduce the Stress of Summer Travel – Hire a Chauffeur

Whether it’s just the two of you, or you’re hitting the road with the kids, the dog and mom, summer travel can be stressful.

You know the drill.   Husband says he knows where he’s going.  Won’t ask directions.  You find yourself at the end of a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, overlooking something which is not your destination.  Tempers flare.  Kids start screaming.  Dog starts barking.  Mom demands wine.

You are no longer on vacation.  You are somewhere decidedly less pleasant and nobody wants to visit that place.

You can reduce the stress of summer travel.  Hire a chauffeur and one of our premium vehicles and your vacation becomes the relaxing getaway it was always intended to be – minus the glitches, the squabbles and the stress.

Blue Streak Chauffeurs know it all.

Blue Streak Limousine is one of New Jersey’s top-rated limousine companies and one of the biggest reasons for that is our chauffeurs.  They’re know-it-alls, intimately acquainted with regional highways and byways.  That dirt road in the middle of nowhere can be avoided and it will be, when you go with Blue Streak.

There’s no ‘winging it’ with one of our drivers at the wheel.  You can forget the unbearable lightness of not knowing where the heck you are.  Our drivers know on your behalf.

Kids hungry?  A Blue Streak chauffeur knows where to find the burger your youngest is demanding.  Doggie need a rest stop?  Your Blue Streak chauffeur knows where to find the nearest patch of grass for Fido to enjoy.

No matter what you need, our drivers know where it is and the best way to get to it.  Even if mom is spoiling for an unscheduled stop at the nearest winery, nothing fazes them.  Our drivers know how to get mom to the vineyard for wine o’clock.

All you do is sit back, relax and anticipate the fun you’re going to have.

Getting there is half the fun.

Blue Streak chauffeurs do much more than drive.  They’ll fill you in on all the attractions, dining and accommodations providers along the way.  Because they’re insiders with extensive knowledge of New Jersey and the region, they’ll reveal hidden gems that make your getaway even more memorable.

As you enjoy the sights in the plush comfort of one of our well-appointed, luxurious cars, your Blue Streak chauffeur makes sure you’re getting the most from your trip.

Adventure ahead.

If you’re hoping to reduce the stress of summer travel, hire a chauffeur with Blue Streak Limousine.  You don’t just get to relax as you ride, you get to do it knowing you’re in the hands of a trained professional.

You also get peace of mind, knowing that Blue Streak is fully licensed and insured.  No driving.  No wrong turns.  No missing the off ramp.  No sweat.

With a Blue Streak chauffeur, you’re free to enjoy your adventure in affordable luxury.  Contact us to find out more about how Blue Streak takes the stress out of summer travel.