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Looking for an Essex County Party Bus? Get the Party Started With Blue Streak!

Getting your peeps to an event on time can be a challenge.  People come from all points on the compass, arriving at various times.  Some early.  Some late.  That makes it tough to keep an event on track, especially if there are speakers, dinner, or entertainment scheduled.

But your big event gets a lot easier when you’ve got Blue Streak Limo managing the transportation.  With party buses for 24 to 42 guests, we’ll get you there in style, guaranteed!

Get your party on board one of Blue Streak Limousine’s luxurious, amenities-packed party buses and roll!  Our party buses are so much fun, they’ll be clamoring to climb in.

Getting the gang together to share the excitement as we get them to your event, is our idea of fun, at Blue Streak.  Ride in amenities-packed luxury, with everything you can imagine, from Bluetooth to a pole and bathroom*.  You could almost live in one of these babies!

We’re Essex County party bus pros, with a top-of-the-line fleet of richly-appointed mobile funhouses.  Whether you’re getting your group to a wedding rehearsal dinner or a corporate awards extravaganza, we’ve got the luxurious rides to get you there, safely and comfortably.

High end amenities.

Blue Streak’s party buses have the high-end amenities you’d expect from a top-rated Essex County party bus service like ours.  DVD players, Flat screen televisions and mood lighting are all part of the experience, with Blue Streak.

Whether you’re headed to NYC’s dance clubs, or your senior prom, our party buses make the ride a highlight of the festivities your guests will love you for.

Top drawer service.

Our chauffeurs are regional road masters.  They know all about extreme conditions and weather warnings as professional drivers, so you won’t need to miss a minute of your event because of a traffic snarl or a wrong turn.  Their top-drawer service gets you there, safely.

Head to the party in plush comfort in our impeccable Essex County party bus, enjoying the company of your friends, music, television and a little something cold to sip along the way.

The party’s over.  Now what?

Just because the party’s over, why should you go home?  The professionals at Blue Streak won’t miss a beat if you’re not ready to call it a night.  The fun ends when you say it does.

With Blue Streak’s licensed, fully insured service, you’re treated to a stress-free experience.  Our drivers will even circle the block while you’re getting everyone out on the curb, ready for the night’s next adventure.

Blue Streak – the party bus experts.

With a Blue Streak Essex County party bus, the fun starts when the door opens and you get in.  We bring you fun on wheels your group will enjoy so much, they may never want to get out!

Blue Streak Limo’s planning experts are here to help you get your party started.  Call to book a top-notch Essex County party bus.

*Pole in 42 pass party bus, bathroom on 40 pass and 42 pass buses.