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A Magical Night With an Essex County Prom Limo

The day has finally come!

You’re ready to walk out the doors of your high school and into the future. You’re a graduate, on the cusp of the adult world.

Prom awaits, as you prepare to celebrate taking the quantum leap into adulthood, leaving childhood behind, forever.  Sure, it’s scary, but it’s a moment you’ll cherish, with memories that last a lifetime.

Prom night is a life passage you only get once chance at.  You and your friends have been planning your prom night finery and the decorations for months.

After the celebration, you’ll all go your separate ways.  Prom is probably the last time you’ll be the tight group you’ve been through your school years.  Everything should be perfect to make for a magical night.

Blue Streak Limousine is an Essex County prom limo service that knows how to make magic happen.  We’ve been making prom night special for grads like you for over a decade.

Prom is a great American tradition that calls for pulling out the stops.  Grads are the leaders of tomorrow and at Blue Streak, you’re all VIPs who get superstar treatment.

Roll up in style, with Blue Streak.

You’ll be dressed in your best because senior prom is your moment to shine bright like a diamond.  Imagine rolling up in one of Blue Streak Limo’s jaw-dropping vehicles.

Honor your prom night finery by arriving in high style, in an elegant Essex County prom limo.  All eyes will be on you as you roll up in celebrity style, the door held open by one of our courteous, sharply-dressed chauffeurs.

Our stretch prom limos seat up to 22 people, with the Hummer stretch in our elegant fleet.  That’s plenty of style for arriving at your prom like a boss.  Enjoy the ride, as you sip a soft drink on ice from the mini-bar.  Watch the flat screen television, or listen to a DVD.  Blue Streak Limo’s amenities are the best.

Keep the vibe going.

The fading notes of the night’s last dance don’t have to be the end of the party.  You and your friends may want to continue with a ride to the Jersey Shore, to watch the sun come up in celebration of the first day of your adult lives.

With Blue Streak Limo, anything’s possible.  Our planners organize the itinerary of your dreams, making sure car and driver are ready to roll when you are.  While you have the time of your life, we’ve got you covered.

Blue Streak Limo is fully licensed and insured, so mom and dad don’t have a thing to worry about.  We’re a reputable, established business with a tradition of first class service and transportation excellence.  That means you’ll get home safe.

Prom night magic, with Blue Streak.

Prom night magic is meant to last a lifetime.  A Blue Streak Essex County prom limo is a sure way to make it unforgettable.  Call to discover a world-class Essex County prom limo service.