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The Finest In Luxury Limo Rentals In Wayne, NJ

Affordable luxury is tough to find these days, but at Blue Streak Limousine, we think it’s for everybody.  Luxury limo rentals in Wayne, NJ are accessible, with our top-rated limousine company here in New Jersey and New York states.

Blue Streak offers plush, uncompromisingly luxurious ground transportation for a great price.  What you get for your money is an experience that brings you high end service, incredible comfort and meticulous detailing.

Quality above and beyond.

Wherever your ride takes you, Blue Streak gets you there in outstanding comfort that you’d expect to pay a pretty penny for.  With superb service, we get you where you want to go in elegant luxury and comfort that’s fit for a VIP.  And that’s more than just talk.  It’s what we give all our esteemed guests.

When you’re looking for an unforgettable night out on the town, a birthday celebration with all the amenities you can think of, or a wedding that’s the highlight of your family’s year, Blue Streak Limousine is the professional alternative.

We go above and beyond when it comes to world class quality.  Our fleet has all you need for an elegant ride.  Whether you’re headed to the Jersey Shore for an unforgettable night’s fun, or to New York City for a visit to the theater, we bring you unparalleled luxury limo rentals in Wayne, NJ.

Leading edge amenities.

A Blue Streak limousine comes with all the leading-edge amenities you expect from a top-of-the-line limo company.  From the rich leather seating, to the impeccable detailing, to the amazing service you’ll enjoy from our professional driver, you’ll enjoy the very best limo rentals in Wayne, NJ, with Blue Streak.

From the chill of a mini-bar, to the stereo system, to the privacy screen between you and our discreet driver, you’ll be amazed by Blue Streak’s top-drawer service.  We make your ride memorable, comfortable and luxurious.  Our fleet of vehicles conforms to the highest standards, from classy sedans to amenities-packed party buses, to vintage Rolls-Royces.

With Blue Streak Limousine, you get the best.

Astonishing service.

Blue Streak’s staff raises the luxury limo rental bar, from our dispatchers and itinerary planners, to our knowledgeable drivers, we offer you astonishing service that transcends the mundane.

We select our drivers with quality in mind.  With extensive knowledge of local road systems, they get you there, in style and on time.  Your wish is their command, whether you’re moving from club to club, or picking up friends along the way, you’re the boss, with Blue Streak.

Affordable VIP style.

For affordable VIP style, Blue Streak Limousine is your New Jersey source for uncompromising service in luxury limo rentals in Wayne, NJ.  Our fantastic fleet and exceptional VIP service bring you the highest standard of affordable luxury in New Jersey and New York states.

When you’re ready to ride in peerless comfort and matchless elegance, we’re the only luxury limo rentals in Wayne, NJ you need to know about

Contact us.  Discover Blue Streak Limousine, for affordable VIP style.