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“I’m looking for an NJ bachelor party limo rental near me in Morris County.”

Yes, I am.  I’m the Best Man and it’s down to me to hook the boys up with a party limo to celebrate the dubious occasion of my friend’s wedding.  During my extensive, scientific research on NJ bachelor party limo rentals in Morris County, I’ve found out some stuff I’d like to share with you.  Because some of that “stuff” taught me that that not all limousine services are created equal.

All that glitters is not gold.

Sometimes, what’s glittering is the ring from a Cracker Jack box (like the one my friend is threatening to put on his new bride’s finger at the ceremony).  The same principle can be applied to limousine rental companies.  There are more than a few of them around, so I narrowed them down to some top contenders and here’s what happened.

Bachelor limo rental company number one was a little evasive.  When I told them I expected to be shown the vehicles they were going to rent me before agreeing to anything, they got a little prickly.  That made me wonder why. I hadn’t seen anything to indicate customer dissatisfaction online, so I took my research efforts to the street.

One of the first guys I asked told me he’d rented a limo from them and had found empty bottles rolling around on the floor.  That’s all I needed to hear.  I crossed Bachelor limo rental company number one off my list and moved on to number two.

Not as advertised.

Despite the glowing superlatives of their website, bachelor limo rental company number two was similarly evasive.  I was allowed to inspect their vehicles and noted they were well-maintained.  But when it came down to the contract, there was a lot missing – no make and model of the car, for one thing.  No itinerary included, for another.

When I pointed this out, the sales rep tried to explain it away as a standard contract.  It was the waffling that tipped me off something was wrong.  It was the confirmation of a friend, though, that validated my suspicions.  He’d rented a limo from bachelor limo rental company number two and been stiffed for extra charges he hadn’t seen coming.  Standard contract?  Nope.

“The ultimate NJ bachelor party limo rental near me in Morris Country – Blue Streak Limousine”.

Finally, I visited bachelor limo rental company number three and you know what they say – three’s the charm.  Not only was the rental process completely transparent with responsive customer service, the contract was bullet proof.  It was a black and white document showing me all I’d agreed to and what I could expect in terms of price and service delivery.

With the wedding only weeks away, I know I can trust Blue Streak. My investigations confirm that, with satisfied customers singing the company’s praises daily.  I found a bachelor party limo rental near me in Morris County for my buddy’s nuptials.  Contact them.  Take it from me, they’re the real deal.


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