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“Desperately seeking NJ bachelorette party limo rental near me in Bergen County”.

I’m the Maid of Honor, so that puts me in charge of getting the bachelorette party limo for my friend’s final blowout before entering the estate of Holy Matrimony.  It’s a big responsibility, so I’m desperately seeking an NJ bachelorette party limo rental near me in Bergen County.

I’ve never rented a limo before, so I enlisted the help of a savvy friend.  She’s a hotel concierge, so she knows a lot about limo rentals.  When I told her I needed to find an NJ bachelorette party limo rental near me in Bergen Country, she knew exactly which direction to point me in.

Blue Streak Limousine.

My friend shared that she always recommends the services of Blue Streak Limousine.  She explained that they’re a top-rated transportation service in New Jersey and New York states, offering world class service and well-appointed luxury vehicles.

She’s seen more than a few things working at the hotel, so she knows that Blue Streak is also the heart of discretion.  Bachelorette parties can get a little wild, so I want to hire a limo company that will keep our antics confidential.

I know my friends, right?

Insider knowledge.

My concierge friend said she really appreciates Blue Streak’s dedication to hiring professional drivers who know their way around Bergen County and beyond.  Their intimate knowledge of our area helps my friend’s hotel guests find the best clubs, bars and restaurants, as well as top amenities and attractions.

She says Blue Streak makes her job a lot easier.  She even thinks of them as a professional resource, as they know about things she still hasn’t discovered.  (And this woman knows her way around).  That’s key information for people renting a limo for a great night out in Bergen County.

“I found the ultimate bachelorette party limo rental near me in Bergen County.”

With the help of my savvy friend, I found Blue Streak Limousine and their amazing service.  I went to see what they had in their fleet that my soon-to-be-married friend might enjoy a night out in and was I impressed!

Their vehicles are immaculately maintained and detailed to perfection, and the amenities?  To die for.  Everything you can imagine, from plush seating, to wet bars, to flat screen TVs is available.  While you’re reclining with your posse, you’ll have a premium experience.

And that’s what I’m looking forward to, for my friend’s bachelorette party.  I know she’ll love Blue Streak’s service and comfort.  Even if she’s asleep in the back seat at the end of the night, I know our Blue Streak driver will get her (and the rest of us) home safe and sound.  They’re licensed and insured for guest peace of mind.

Connect with the best.

It takes a lot to get my concierge friend’s stamp of approval.  She’s a driven professional with high standards, but she raves about Blue Streak, its professionalism and world class service.  I’m sold!

I found a bachelorette party limo service near me in Bergen County.  Contact them!


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