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I Found a Terrific Party Bus Rental Near Me In Totowa, New Jersey

I was planning a party for my friend’s 30th birthday and I wanted to do it up right.  I couldn’t think of anything better to kick off the night’s festivities than a party bus.

I asked around and found out about Blue Streak Limousine’s super stylish and amenities-packed party buses.  What could be more special than loading everyone into a party bus rental near me in Totowa, New Jersey?

With Blue Streak, it was easy and affordable.  We had a stellar time!

Blue Streak is famous for its party buses.  Their top-of-the-line vehicles seat from 24 to 42 people, so getting the crew together is easy.  And here’s the kicker – with Blue Streak, it’s affordable.  Blue Streak’s party bus made my friend’s 30th birthday party a truly memorable event.  The minute we got in, the party was full throttle!

Amenities you’ll love.

Blue Streak’s party buses feature amenities you’ll love.  That’s what you expect from a world class party bus service.  Flat screen televisions, DVD players and mood lighting gave my friend’s party the touch of luxury it needed to make the night unforgettable.

My friend’s 30th started curbside, with his personal birthday jam on the party bus sound system.  It was great having everyone there to celebrate.  Nobody was driving except the chauffeur, so you know we threw down with a vengeance!

My friend had a total blast.  It’ll be a challenge to beat his 30th birthday party!

Superb service.

The drivers at Blue Streak always know the best way to get you where you’re going.  Problems like road work and bad weather are all part of what they have a handle on as professional chauffeurs, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.  Their drivers know the roads like the back of their hands, too.

We kicked off my friend’s 30th in plush comfort in a spotlessly maintained party bus rental near me in Totowa, New Jersey.  Then, we had a night for the ages, because our chauffeur had that party bus ready to roll when we were.  He was right on time.

Greet the dawn!

With Blue Streak, you can greet the dawn if you’re up to it.  If your group is ready to go all night, they’ll make it happen.  The party ends when you say so.

With Blue Streak’s fully-insured, licensed service, all you do is have a ball.  We went where the night took us and our professional driver didn’t bat an eye.

With Blue Streak, we were treated like VIPs.   When you’re ready to call it a night, car and driver will be exactly where you need them to be.  These guys stop just short of tucking you in, safe and sound.

Get the party started, with Blue Streak Limousine!

My friend’s 30th was one for the history books.  Blue Streak’s party bus rental near me in Totowa, New Jersey was a big part of that.  Get your party started right, with Blue Streak Limousine, the party bus pros!