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Passaic County Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Bus

The time has come.  You’re ready to take a quantum leap into an eternity of wedded bliss.

Yes.  We said “eternity”.

But you’re in love – mad love.  Eternity doesn’t sound quite so endless when you’re looking forward to spending it with the partner of your dreams.   You’re not even vaguely freaked out about making a lifelong commitment.

But for now, you’re single.  Until the magical day you approach the altar and say “I do”, you’re as free as a bird.  That means it’s time to celebrate with a Passaic County bachelor/bachelorette party bus.

At Blue Streak Limo, we understand.  We know getting married is a big deal. Some of us have done it ourselves, so we can tell you that marriage isn’t as scary as you think it is.  It’s kind of swell!

But we know how crucial that last night out with your posse is.  That’s why we offer those about to be joined in conjugal bliss a safe, fun way to sow their final, precious wild oats.  At Blue Streak Limo, we create bachelor/bachelorette parties for the ages, because eternity is what it is.


Our party bus drivers rock.

Our party bus drivers rock.  They know where the real fun’s at.  Getting you to the hottest clubs, restaurants, and bars is part of our Passaic County bachelor/bachelorette party bus service.   We do the driving while you’re throwing around those wild oats, making sure you don’t take out an eye while you’re at it.

Blue Streak’s top-of-the-line fleet of vehicles can contain the wild oats of up to 42 passengers.  Relax with your posse in elegant comfort, as our driver guides you on your final night of singledom in one of our amenities-laden party buses.  From 24 to 42 passengers, we’ve got the right vehicle to take you on the ride of your life, with flat screen TVs, a mini-bar and even a pole, in our 42 seater!

Top-rated service.

Blue Streak Limo is a top-rated service providing Passaic County bachelor/bachelorette party buses for your final night of freedom.   We do a lot more than show up on time.  When you and the gang stumble out the front door of the club, ready for the next frenzy of wild-oats tossing, we’ll be ready to roll.

Our premium service offers guests affordable luxury, discretion, and world class service.  All our guests are VIPs.  At Blue Streak, we know your celebration of waning singledom is special.  We know you need to throw those wild outs around before people start throwing rice at you.

Blue Streak transforms your ideas by taking them right off the hook, bringing you the kind of transportation support that makes your Passaic County bachelor/bachelorette party bus experience an occasion to remember.

When you’re about to take the quantum leap into eternity, that’s important.  We’re licensed and insured, so your wild oats may be tossed with abandon.

Release the wild oats!

Let the experts at Blue Streak Limousine spoil you with a Passaic County bachelor/bachelorette party bus.  Call us.  Release the wild oats!