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Live It Up With a Summer Party Bus Rental In Montclair, NJ

When summer comes around, we all need to take some time out to live it up during the season of lovely weather, with good friends around us.  Whether you’re taking your crew to the Shore, or heading to the Big Apple for a night out, a summer party bus rental in Montclair, NJ brings summer living luxury.

Instead of everyone straggling to your destination in a convoy of cabs or personal vehicles, why not leave the driving to Blue Streak?  Our amazing party buses make getting there at least half the fun!

Our amenities-rich party buses seat from 24 to 42 guests, so getting the gang together is super easy.  Our party buses make any event extra special, from weddings to nights on the town.  Blue Streak lets you live it up in affordable luxury.

World class amenities.

Blue Streak’s party buses are all equipped with world class amenities.  It’s part of the reason we’re one of New Jersey’s top-rated limousine companies.  Flat screen televisions, DVD players and mood lighting make your ride luxurious, not matter where you’re going.  You may not care if you ever get there.

There’s even a pole!

Once you’re aboard a Blue Streak party bus, you can cut loose, because only the chauffeur’s driving.  No designated driver, or parking frustration.  No traffic and no unfortunate detours.  It’s all taken care of.

A Blue Streak summer party bus rental in Montclair, NJ brings luxury to your summer living, as you make the most of the ride.

Excellent service.

Blue Streak’s drivers are almost clairvoyant.   Issues like construction and unexpected weather are all part of what they know how to deal with as professional drivers, so you’re free to enjoy.  Sit back, relax and let us get you there in style.  Our drivers have intimate knowledge of New Jersey and New York roads and stay in continual contact with our dispatchers.

Luxury is yours in an impeccably-detailed summer party bus rental in Montclair, NJ.   Live it up, as your driver keeps the party bus ready to roll.  Regardless of where your adventure takes you, a Blue Streak driver is always ready to get you there.

VIP treatment.

Blue Streak gives all our guests the VIP treatment.  If you’re ready to turn the day into night (or vice versa), we’re ready, too.  You say when it’s time to go home.

Blue Streak’s licensed, fully insured service means all you do is kick back and relax in unparalleled luxury.

At Blue Streak Limousine, you’re the boss.   When it’s time to head home, party bus and driver will be there waiting.  Our chauffeurs do everything but tuck you in for the night.  That’s how we roll, at Blue Streak.

Live it up this summer, with Blue Streak.

Add affordable luxury to your summer agenda.  Blue Streak Limousine’s summer party bus rental in Montclair, NJ brings you first class comfort on wheels.

Live it up this summer, with Blue Streak Limousine, the party bus professionals who bring you the best!