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Concert Travel in New Jersey With Blue Streak Limousine

You’ve been waiting for years for this night.  You’ve got the premium tickets for the big concert and you’re ready to party like a Rockstar.  Why not go all out and get there in the Rockstar style?

Blue Streak Limousine brings the noise, with Rockstar level concert travel.  From Escalade SUVs to the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, our luxurious fleet of vehicles is the touch of excess your night of rock and roll reverie needs.  Put luxury and comfort on the night’s set list with a ride that says “guitar hero”.

Let’s face it.  Rockstars don’t take the subway.  Arrive at the concert venue like a The Boss himself in the back of one of our defcon Rockstar level, chauffeur-driven vehicles.  While everyone else is jockeying for a hand strap on the subway or fighting for a parking spot, you ride in crimson and clover comfort.

Ride like a rock god.

Rock gods don’t show up on foot, or in the back of a cab.  It just ain’t happening.  They roll up in the style worthy of their Olympian status.  Their drivers take care of boring details like parking.

Whether you’re planning on a night of grooving with Lady Gaga or Springsteen himself, riding like a rock god with all the amenities you’d expect in the back of a limo is the only worthy form of concert travel.

With your entourage arrayed about you, sip a cold drink over ice on your way to the gig.  Nothing spells “superstar” like the back of a stretch limousine.   Maybe a classic sedan is your concert travel ticket, sleek, black and tantalizingly mysterious.  Whichever of our affordably luxurious rides you choose, you’re assured of arriving in world class style.

If your posse’s a big one, you may need one of Blue Streak’s party buses for your concert travel.  With Blue Streak, your rock god fantasy is a call away.  Our fleet of top of the line vehicles has something to suit every wannabe rock god’s concert travel tastes.

Blue Streak – your concert travel connection.

Blue Streak Limo has been around for more than ten years, so we know how to bring the luxury.  Our drivers are the best in the business, with detailed knowledge of venues and prime routes to get to them.

Your driver will even know the right place for you and your posse to chill out and bask in the reflected glory of rock and roll nirvana, after the concert.  There’s no detail too small.  Our savvy drivers put Blue Streak’s guests and their enjoyment first.

Our elegant vehicles are maintained in exemplary condition – impeccable inside and out.  That’s part of our promise of professional service to concert goers in New Jersey and New York.

Feel the noise with Blue Streak Limo.

We’re the New Jersey and New York concert connection with your dreams of the ultimate concert experience in mind.   Feel the noise in rock star style.  Call us and don’t forget to look slinky, Rockstar.