Wedding Limousine Rentals in New Jersey

When you’re getting married, you have a thousand things on your mind trying to pull attention away from the person you’re committing your life to. One common distraction and source of stress is setting up transportation for the wedding party. You can take that stress away and add a luxurious element to your special day by partnering with a wedding limousine rental company.

As you consider adding a wedding limousine or party bus to your wedding day, learn more about the benefits of hiring them and how you can determine the best ones for you.

Why Choose a Wedding Limousine Service for Your Wedding Day?

There are several reasons why so many weddings rely on limousines on the big day. Often times, wedding parties use a limousine or party bus out of practicality. It gets the wedding party from one location to the next all together and on time. Besides the practical benefits, limos can also make a wedding feel more luxurious and upscale, making an impression when they pull up outside of the wedding or reception venue.

Benefits of Hiring a Limousine for Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding means that you’re going to have to make tough choices on what you should invest in. You want to meet all of your dreams as a couple, but you also want to make sure guests and those in the wedding party have a great time. Limos and party bus rentals can be one of the best investments you can make, as it bridges the gap between providing a great experience for both the wedding party and the couple getting married.

If you’re thinking of getting a wedding party bus rental, you should be aware of the advantages these vehicles and services can provide. Here are some reasons why wedding limousine services are an excellent investment for your wedding:

1. Upgrade Your Special Day

Your wedding day is meant to be memorable. A limousine or wedding party bus service makes your special day that much more special. It’s not every day that you get to ride around town in style, with a personal chauffeur to take you from one place to another.

When you ride in a limo, you get to show up to any location in style. These luxury vehicles draw all eyes to them whenever they pull up in front of a wedding venue, hotel or reception area, giving your wedding party a VIP experience. The tinted windows of most wedding vehicles also provide an extra mystique to the wedding party.

Limousines can come in several different styles, helping you craft the image of your wedding party. For example, you might go with a Lincoln Stretch limo for a more classic look, while a more party-centric wedding group may want to go with a hummer. As you look to improve your wedding day, you can be sure that you’ll find a vehicle that fits your wedding’s theme and aesthetic.

On top of drawing attention to your wedding party with the limo, it also provides a luxury experience for those who ride in it. The comfortable leather interiors and spacious seatings give the wedding party the space to relax as they head to the wedding or reception area. The moon roofs that come with most limousines are ideal for generating a feeling of celebration and fun.

2. Keep Everyone Together

Weddings have a lot of moving parts. Your wedding party has to get to the wedding and the reception. It’s simply not an option for someone who is part of the wedding party to not be on time. You don’t want to worry about a groomsman not finding the venue or the maid-of-honor getting stuck in traffic. To prevent these worries, you should try to keep everyone in one place.

A wedding limo rental is one of the best ways that you can keep the wedding party together and ensure that they show up at the wedding venues on time. Using a wedding limo or party bus means that you can be sure that the entire party will all arrive at the same time, ready for whatever role they’re expected to play during the wedding.

Another major benefit of keeping everyone together with a wedding rental is that the ride can be used to go over what everyone is supposed to do when they arrive. If anyone in the wedding party has last-minute questions, they can get them answered while everyone is in one place, helping to prevent uncertainty. Additionally, by keeping the wedding together, no one has to worry about finding parking, which can waste time and space.


3. Arrive in Comfort

Wedding limousine services aren’t just practical. They also provide a top-level of comfort, designed to make the ride as luxurious as possible. Limos and party buses give people plenty of space to sit, ensuring that no one’s outfit gets crumpled or wrinkled on the way to the wedding.

The leather interior of many vehicles is also incredibly comfortable, which is especially important for longer rides. Additionally, the back of the limo can include champagne, snacks and other refreshments for the wedding party to indulge in. There are a variety of other amenities, such as high-quality sound systems and a retractable roof. You can find specific amenities, depending on the limo and party bus available, so it’s always a good idea to browse through all the selections a company offers.

4. Stay Safe

Weddings are meant to be a celebration, where people can let loose and focus entirely on the moment. An open bar can be a great option for wedding guests and the wedding party, but it can also represent a safety risk if someone drinks too much and then tries to drive home. Besides concerns over drinking and driving, weddings can be exhausting affairs for those in the wedding party. If the reception runs late, they may be too tired to drive.

To ensure that everyone in the wedding party gets home safely, you can arrange for the limo or party bus to take your wedding party to wherever they’re staying. This transportation service allows for wedding parties to let loose at the wedding without having to worry about how they’re getting home safely.

Besides just offering this service for the wedding party, you can also hire extra limos and party buses to transport other guests to and from the reception venue to help reduce the chances of drinking and driving. This sort of service is especially convenient and easy to set up if many of the guests are staying at a hotel or some other kind of central location.

Whatever the case, reducing the number of drivers on the road and ensuring that people who’ve had too much to drink have an easy alternative to driving themselves helps to increase the safety of a wedding. When the couple leaves the reception, they won’t have to worry about anyone getting in an accident. Instead, they can focus on starting their life together.

5. Save Money

It’s a misconception that a limo or party bus will cost you a significant amount of money. While there are some upfront costs to a wedding limousine rental, it can end up saving you money.

Often times, a wedding is expected to provide transportation for the wedding party. If you’re arranging transportation, having to select and schedule taxis and ride-sharing services, the costs can add up and actually outweigh the price of a more luxurious limo. Those who rely on ride-sharing services and taxis will have to remember that they’ll be spreading their costs around significantly, as they’ll need to compensate every individual driver and account for their fuel costs.

Wedding limos can be much more cost-effective because you centralize all transportation in one place, only having to account for one driver and vehicle’s costs.

6. Reduce Stress

While you might love everyone in your wedding party, there’s always someone who’s chronically late or constantly getting lost. A major source of wedding stress comes from worrying about people showing up on time and being where they need to be when the wedding needs them. Keeping track of everyone and making sure they receive the right directions takes the focus away from the wedding celebration.

A limo or party bus can take this stress away entirely. The wedding chauffeur can be hired to pick everyone up and prevent the chance that a member of the wedding party can’t find the venue. These luxury vehicles will fit the entire wedding party inside them. With everyone in one place, the stress of having to coral your wedding party disappears.

How to Choose the Best Limousine Fleet for Your Wedding Day

With all of the benefits that wedding limo rentals provide, you’re likely considering investing in them. 

Before you hire a company, you should know what a top-quality limo service should provide for your wedding and ensure that whatever limousine company you go with meets a set of criteria.

Here you can find some of the primary considerations that you should be making while trying to find the best limo company for your wedding:

1. Fleet Variety

Weddings have a particular look and feel to them, personalized to the tastes of the couple getting married. Whatever limousine or party bus you choose should fit that theme. Any reputable wedding limousine rental company will have a variety of styles of vehicles available for you to select from to find the pick that fits your wedding exactly.

2. Top-Quality Chauffeurs

Alongside the vehicles that a company provides, it’s also a good idea to ensure they have experienced wedding chauffeurs. A chauffeur is responsible for greeting the wedding party, setting the tone for the ride and being attentive to the wedding party’s needs. A top-quality chauffeur will anticipate a group’s needs before they even think of them. They’ll also craft an atmosphere where people can really relax and be themselves.

A chauffeur’s driving ability is just as important as their guest-service skills. The best chauffeurs will ensure your ride is as smooth as possible. Additionally, they’re responsible for getting your wedding party to the wedding and reception venues on time. You don’t want to trust just anyone with that responsibility. You should only go with the best.

3. Company Reputation

A company’s reputation matters. When it’s your wedding day, you want only the best. A company that’s had complaints about their lateness or poor service can be a major problem on the wedding day, slowing down the event and adding stress to the entire wedding party.

To safeguard your wedding and ensure that everyone gets to where they need to go on time, you should choose a company with a sterling reputation. A company that has testimonials and other positive reviews will be your best bet. You’re trusting this company with your special day, so it’s crucial they have the equipment and professional wedding party bus chauffeurs available to get you where you need to be on time and in style.

4. Various Size Options

Wedding parties range in size, so whatever wedding limousine rental service you choose must have seating available to transport your entire wedding party. It’s crucial that you have enough seating to account for everyone that needs to be transported from one location to another. Always inquire about the seating availability for limos and busses.

5. After-Party Services

After the party winds down and it’s time for everyone to get home, a company should provide you with limousines and party buses to take people to wherever they’re staying. This service ensures that no one drives drunk and has an experienced driver to safely get them home. Besides being safe, offering limo services to your wedding party or guests is also a way to show your appreciation and give them a convenient service.

At Blue Streak Limo, for example, we ensure that our limo drivers can even take couples to the airport or hotel after the party is over. This service ensures that the couple kicks off their honeymoon right, getting to the airport safely and in-style. We also can take guests and wedding parties to wherever they’re staying to increase safety and provide stellar service.

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With all of the options Blue Streak Limousine provides, we can help you find the vehicle that fits your wedding’s style. We pride ourselves on maintaining an immaculate fleet that adds a luxury experience to your wedding day.

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