Fans cheer at kickoff

Here’s Why You Should Take a Limo Bus To Your Next Football Game

Game day is always fun, whether you’re hunkered down in your man cave by yourself, or with a couple of the guys, or (better yet) headed to the stadium to take in the total spectacle.  Game day is a ritual prized by so many as an All-American pass time.

But sometimes, the sporting occasion calls for a little extra mustard on your hot dog.  We’re about to tell you why you should take a limo bus to your next football game.

Because you can.

That’s right.  Because you can.  It’s one of the biggest reasons why you should take a limo bus to your next football game.  But is it practical?

Sure it is.  You round up the guys and they get in.  You go to the game.  Plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and watch the pre-game show on the flat screen TV, or enjoy your favourite music, as you ride to the game in style.  It’s easy and convenient.

Because you can drink beer at the game.

You know how when a bunch of you take a car and the designated driver can’t have any beer?  That’s why you draw straws.  If you’re the guy with the short one, all bets are off.

That’s why you should take a limo bus to your next football game – all of you can drink beer at the stadium.  You can swill it!  You can pour it over your head when your side gets that field goal.  Who cares?  You’re not driving!

Because you don’t have to rove the parkade looking for a spot.

Another thing about being the DD for a sporting event which genuinely sucks is that you’re the guy who has to play parking lot safari.  As pennant waving fans dart in and out of the cars like ducks in a shooting gallery, your eyes rove the dim savannah.

“There’s one!”, yells your buddy in the back seat.  Alas.  Upon closer inspection, it’s just a hybrid taking up a whole space that might accommodate, you know, a real car.  You continue to rove, as your fuse gets shorter, only moments from kick off.

So, there’s another awesome reason you should take a limo bus to your next football game.  No more parking lot safari when you roll up in a limo bus, beer-ready and as happy as a bird with a French fry!

Because it’s a party on wheels, with Blue Streak.

It’s not every day you get out of your man cave and out into the world.  Let Blue Streak Limousine take you there.  You and your buddies can kick back and relax on the way to the game, feeling like you won the lottery, without a care in the world.

But you don’t have to win the lottery, with Blue Streak Limousine.  We offer our guests affordable luxury and licensed, insured peace of mind.  While you’re getting your game on, we’re getting you there in style.