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Give the Gift of Safety and Comfort to All Your Holiday 2017 Party Guests

Here it comes.  The season of fun, frolic, food, family and friends is on its way.  You’re preparing for a busy Holiday Season and the big party is in the works.

But every host worries a little about how their guests are going to get to the party and then home safely, after a few festive libations.   Long gone are the days when we just let each other stumble off into the night – with mixed results.

This year, give the gift of safety and comfort to all your Holiday 2017 party guests, with a Blue Streak limo or party bus.  Everyone gets to have the time of their lives when you call on Blue Streak to shuttle your guests to the party, then home, in stylish comfort.

It’s a party!

With almost zero tolerance for drinking and driving in most states, including New Jersey and New York, your party needs the additional support of a chauffeur-driven vehicle.  Your guests can let their hair down when they know they have a secure, luxurious ride to take them home safely.

Dispense with drawing straws to select a designated driver.  Call Blue Streak to plan ground transportation for your guests that leaves the driving to us.  Let them leave the car in the garage.  They’ll ride in plush luxury, safely, with us.

It’s a party, so why not let them have a great time, without needing to count their eggnogs?

Vehicles of all sizes.

At Blue Streak Limousine, our fleet is unrivaled for its diversity and immaculately-detailed comfort.  With rich leather seating, flat screen televisions, mood lighting and privacy screens, your guests will feel like royalty, as they’re treated to a premium ground transportation experience.

Have a big group coming to the party?  That’s not a problem, with Blue Streak.  Our vehicles run the gamut from sedans accommodating a party of two, to top-of-the-line stretch limousines and party buses.

Get the party started curbside, as the Christmas Carols spill out the door of one of our amazing party buses.  Your guests can sing along to their favorites, as they ride to your party, picking up friends along the way.

With space for up to 42 people, we help you give the gift of safety and comfort to all your Holiday 2017 party guests.  They’ll recline on lounge seating, sipping something cold, as they glide to your festive occasion in Blue Streak comfort.

Unflappable drivers.

Our drivers don’t bat an eye at complex instructions about guest pickups and drop-offs.  They’ll have it all in hand, as they seamlessly execute their duties, gathering your gang on the way to the party.

Our professional chauffeurs are unflappable.  They know all the local roads inside and out, making the project of getting everyone there and home afterwards a cinch.

Because we’re licensed and insured, your guests are not only relieved of their driving responsibilities, they’re secure in the knowledge that they’re in good hands.

Contact Blue Streak and leave the driving to us.