Blue Streak party bus inside

What Size Party Bus Do You Really Need?

You’ve been planning an epic celebration and you know you want it to start with the gang piling aboard a party bus.  So far, so good.

But what size party bus do you really need?  Sometimes, it’s tough to figure out.  There are variables which must be taken into account.  Is it a Quinceañera?

If it is, you’ll need the 411 on the quinceañera’s dress.  How big is it?  How many spaces will she need for that dress?  And how many people are in the quinceañera’s court?

Bachelor party?  Certain party favors need to be factored in, if your posse is a boisterous one.  There are so many things to consider when attempting to discern what size party bus to hire.

The plus 3 rule.

At Blue Streak Limousine, our party planners always counsel our guests to hire a party bus with space for three extra people.  That extra space can come in handy, if the quinceañera’s gown can been seen from outer space.

The plus 3 rule is also useful when friends show up with dates you weren’t expecting (including certain party favors sometimes implicated in the conduct of a bachelor party).

Let’s face it, when you’re planning a festive occasion, there are always numerous variables, but when you choose Blue Streak, we’ll give you expert advice that ensures you choose the right party bus for your occasion.

Party buses for every occasion.

Seating from 24 to 42 passengers, our selection of premium party buses features a wide range of sizes.  Packed with leading edge amenities, Blue Streak’s party bus fleet brings you world class luxury at an affordable price.

Featuring lounge-style seating that gives your gang room to move, our party buses are tricked out with amenities like 50” flat screen TVs, rest rooms and state-of-the-art stereo systems to get your party started right.

Following the plus 3 rule, hire a party bus that leaves room for that fabulous extravaganza of a Quinceañera gown.  If you hire our over-the-top pink limo, you’ll even have room for storage, if your bachelor party has inspired the offering of party favors.

Blue Streak super service.

Blue Streak takes the guesswork out of party buses.  What size party bus do you really need?  We won’t steer you wrong on that account.  Our professional party planners will ensure that your festive group will have plenty of room to get the party started.

The outstanding customer service you get on the phone continues with our hand-picked chauffeurs.  They’re professionals with local, insider knowledge of regional roads.  They make your ride a carefree cinch, because they show up on time, know where they’re going and can make your ride even better with above-and-beyond service.

Whether you need to collect party goers along the way, or stop off for libations, our chauffeurs are professionals who won’t bat an eye.  You’re the boss with Blue Streak and our highly-trained, knowledgeable drivers.

What size party bus do you really need?  One that fits your celebration to a tee, with Blue Streak.