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5 Airport Pickup Tricks for International Travelers

Air travel has never been so accessible.  But with accessibility, comes an increase in traffic.  Airports seem to bet bigger every year and so do the crowds of people being moved across the planet.

But with a few common-sense tricks, you can make the experience much more pleasant.  These 5 airport pick up tricks for international travelers move you through the airport at warp speed.  They get you to the curb, ready to be whisked off, less stressfully and more smoothly.

1. Shoot through security.

There is nothing international travelers dread more than the security line.  You see it, as it snakes toward the metal detectors.  You prepare to remove your shoes, your belt, your watch, your jewelry.  But wait!  There’s a better way.

The TSA now offers a convenient service which pre-screens you.  As a trusted traveler, you won’t even have to take your laptop out of your carry on.  You just breeze through, with all your clothes on!  It’s now available at 180 airports.

Similarly, the US Customs Department’s Global Entry Program makes security a cinch for international travelers.

2. There’s an app for that.

International travelers with iPhones have a new BFF in TripIt.  This nifty application makes organizing your travel data easy.  Simply forward your travel confirmation to [email protected].  The confirmation is automatically converted into an itinerary you can edit yourself.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

For $49, you can upgrade to the TripIt Pro version, which provides flight notifications in real time (for itinerary changes), keeps track of your rewards programs status and tracks seats.

3. Travel light.

Limiting yourself to just a carry-on bag is your wormhole through time and space.  Not only can you breeze through the check-in process by doing it online or at an airport kiosk, you don’t have to cool your heels in baggage claim.

If you must take checked bags, don’t overlook the porters.  For a small fee, you save the check-in hassle.  Don’t forget to attach something distinctive to the handle of your checked baggage to ensure it’s easy to identify, saving you time on the way out.

4. Travel right.

Arrive refreshed and alert.  If you’re connecting with a pick up, the last thing you want to be is bleary.  Drink plenty of water on board (remember not to buy it until you’re through security).  Avoid alcohol and don’t take off your shoes, no matter how tempting.  Removing your shoes in flight can allow them to swell.

5. Blue Streak Limousine.

5 airport pick up tricks for international travelers wouldn’t be complete without our number one trick – schedule a pick up with Blue Streak Limo.

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Blue Streak Limo tops the list of 5 airport pick up tricks for international travelers.