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4 Wedding Transportation Tips for All Seasons

Weddings can happen any time of the year, in all kinds of weather.  Spring and summer are the most popular time for people to tie the knot, but when the moment has come, the season isn’t about to stand between two people in love.

We’d like to share 4 wedding transportation tips for all seasons with you, for that reason.  These are general rules of thumb to keep in mind when adding “wedding transportation” to your big day’s critical path.

1. Think ahead.

If you’ve set the date for the months of April through June, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t book early.  Those months aren’t just prom season.  They’re prime time for fair weather weddings that could leave you without the wedding transportation you need.

The same is true of New Year’s Eve weddings.  Limo service is at a premium on NYE, with everyone planning splashy celebrations to ring in the coming year.

Start looking no later than 4 months prior to the wedding day.  6 months is better.  But if you’re planning to wed on the dates noted above, give yourself even more time and lock in your transportation well in advance.

2. Ask the right questions.

With any luck, this will be your only wedding, so it’s important that you step up and ask all the right questions.  Don’t be shy.  Don’t be afraid of seeming too particular.  A quality transportation service will be happy to entertain requests for champagne, a specific playlist for the ride and even the way your chauffeur is dressed.

And while you’re at it, ask to inspect the vehicle or vehicles your wedding party will be engaging.  You want to know that what you’ve agreed to is what you want.  It’s a reasonable request.

Ask now, or forever hold your peace.  If you want it, you should have it.

3. Get it in writing. All of it.

Trust is a wonderful thing, but when you’re contracting a transportation service, this is one of the most important of the 4 wedding transportation tips for all seasons.

Everything should be included in your agreement, from total cost, to refund and tipping policies, to the amount of deposit required.  Your itinerary should also appear in the text of the agreement, or as an attached schedule.  Models and makes of cars should also be clearly noted, to ensure there are no substitutions without your prior consent.

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