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The Importance of a Chauffeur Always Being Early

Tardiness is a big no-no for most people in our culture.  Nobody likes people who show up late.  They’re seen as rude and inconsiderate.  But there are several key reasons a chauffeur should always show up not just “on time”, but early.

A Blue Streak, we believe that punctuality is the least you can expect from one of our professional drivers.  In this post, we’re going to talk about the importance of a chauffeur always being early.

Traffic happens.

Let’s face it, New Jersey’s got traffic.  Car, cars and more cars.  With our network of roads and cities with high populations (including nearby New York), there are a lot of people out there on the roads.  Sometimes they have accidents, so there’s more than just traffic volume to worry about.

Blue Streak’s drivers are insiders who know local roads inside out.  In constant contact with our expert dispatch team, they know what’s happening out on the highways and byways, which means you arrive on time and safely. Showing up early is how our drivers keep your itinerary on track.  They won’t leave you wondering why they’re showing up at the last minute. Your driver will be waiting, ready to go and apprised of existing road conditions on your route.

Timely Service.

We select only the most reliable, knowledgeable drivers.  They show up early to your pickup, ensuring you’re on schedule, every time.  We know your time is precious and that your itinerary has been carefully arranged (with the help of our professional planning team).

You’ll never miss a flight, or turn up late for an important client meeting with a Blue Streak chauffeur at the wheel.  We honor your business by providing service that’s not just “on time”, but anticipatory and responsive.  That’s why we’ll be there before you expect us to be.

Your safety and security come first.

Check online reviews of local limousine companies and you’ll see a litany of unsafe driving practices.  Some of our competitors aren’t quite as particular as we are about who they hire.  That means their drivers make up for lost time by speeding, as they try to compensate for tardiness.  Some don’t know what to expect out there, as they arrive unprepared.

Because we’re a professional company that’s been serving New Jersey and New York states for a decade and a half, we don’t play fast and loose with guest security.  We put your safety first, by being prepared for every possible contingency.

You won’t find any online reviews like those we’ve described above about us.

That’s not how we roll.

Professionals show up early.

Blue Streak gets you there on time, because we’re professionals who show up early.  Thoroughly prepared and aware, we’re the top-rated New Jersey limousine company that gives our guests the gift of punctuality, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

For a premier limousine service which offers the ultimate in luxurious comfort and guest safety, Blue Streak is your source for timely ground transportation.  Contact us to ride with the best.