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What Are the Etiquettes Which Need to Be Followed When Hiring a Limousine Service?

Emily Post, we’re not.  Miss Manners also, we’re not.  What we are, however, is a top-ranked limousine service in New Jersey, so we know a bit about limo hiring etiquette.

Most people don’t know which fork to use for the seafood course, so don’t feel bad if you’re asking what are the etiquettes which need to be followed when hiring a limousine service.  A lot of people really have no idea (about seafood forks or limo hiring etiquette).

Consider this post a PSA for sophisticated limousine guests in training.  After reading this, you’ll have all the information you need to be the perfect guest!

Respect is fundamental.

As a limo company, we host all kinds of people.  Not all those people are clear on modeling basic respect for car and driver.  And while that’s sad, treating either the vehicle you’ve hired or the chauffeur driving it with contempt can land you on the curb.

That’s right.  If you’re rude, out-of-control, or act as though it’s the first time you’ve sat in the back seat of a car, your driver has every right to terminate your contract with us, immediately.

At Blue Streak, we strive to offer you the luxurious ride of your life, but if you step outside the bounds of generally accepted respectful behavior, you’re stepping outside the bounds of our contractual obligation with you.

Paying for a service doesn’t imply that you have carte blanche to be abusive, or to damage the property you’re renting.  Respect is not only fundamental.  It’s required.

Follow the regulations of your jurisdiction.

Blue Streak is a fully licensed and insured provider of luxury ground transportation.  That means we’re subject to the rules of the jurisdictions we operate in.

And so are you and your party.

Playing by the rules is something we’re all required to do, in every facet of our lives.  Part of your agreement with us is that you’ll conform to the regulations our company conforms to.

Stick to the plan.

Like most responsible limousine service providers, Blue Streak adheres to a “plus 3” rule.  We advise guests to book a limousine or party bus, or any other vehicle from our fleet, capable of accommodating the number of people in their party, plus 3.

The plus 3 rule gives you latitude.  Should you have a larger party than expected, you have 3 extra spaces for unexpected guests.  If numbers swell higher, though, you’re asking Blue Streak to violate regulations.  We can’t do that, as it could mean losing our license.

So, stick to the plan and ensure that your party doesn’t burgeon into a larger group at the last minute.  That can mean disappointment for everyone.

At Blue Streak, we love showing our guests a great time, with peerless luxury and comfort and outstanding customer service.  The etiquettes which need to be followed when hiring a limousine service exist for your safety and wellbeing.  We follow them to ensure your outing is as enjoyable as possible.

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