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5 Smart Reasons to Get a Party Bus to NYC

Bright lights.  Big city. Big plans.

You’re on a mission for a night out to remember in NYC.  You and your friends are planning a blow out for the ages.  But how you get there counts.

It’s part of the fun!

You may be planning on having everyone get into NYC on their own steam, or as part of a convoy.  But at Blue Streak Limousine, we believe there’s a better way.

Following are 5 smart reasons to get a party bus to NYC.

1. The insanity of taking the car.

We don’t know how many horror stories we’ve heard from people about taking their cars into NYC.  Especially when it comes to parking, it strikes us as sheer folly to venture into a city like NYC with a personal vehicle.

Unless you like driving around and around and around until you find that primo, super-expensive parking slot, getting everyone on a party bus for your event is a much better idea.  Let our driver take care of the parking insanity.

2. The subway? Lord, no!

So, you’re all dressed up and onto the subway you get.  You struggle through the vast, seething throng and stake your claim on a strap and there you hang.  You turn your head and are confronted by a hairy, sweaty armpit, recoiling in horror.

With a party bus, you’re in the cat bird seat, chilling with friends in air-conditioned comfort, on plush leather seats.  Everyone gets to sit down.  There are no hairy, sweaty armpits.

3. Taxi or Uber?

Let’s face it.  A lot of taxi vehicles leave plenty to be desired (including the surly driver).  Uber’s little bottles of water may be enough for some folks, but why would you choose to take a bunch of cabs or Ubers, when you can take 1 party bus?

It just makes sense.  You will never see one of those little pine trees hanging from the rear-view mirror in a vain attempt to mask the unidentifiable “scents”, either.

4. No sacrificial lamb.

That’s right.  When you take a party bus to NYC, nobody needs to put their head on the block, volunteering to spend the evening dry as a bone for the drive home.  With a party bus, everyone gets to have all the fun they want, without worrying about having to drive.

Our chauffeurs take appointing a designated driver off your shoulders.  We’re also fully licensed and insured, providing another layer of security for our guests.

5. Affordable luxury.

Of the 5 smart reasons to get a party bus to NYC, this is probably the most compelling.  You and your friends, together in one vehicle (seating from 24 – 42 passengers) get to recline in plush luxury which is affordable, reliable and professional.

Blue Streak Limousine is a top-rated limousine company in this region.  Our reputation is built on superior service and outstanding vehicles, which are maintained to the highest standard.

Our party buses will leave you breathless.  Call Blue Streak to discover how smart they are!