driver opening the door of a fancy limo

The Benefits of a Limousine vs. Uber

When it comes to ground transportation, Uber seems to be the name on everyone’s lips.  There’s no doubt that the service is overwhelmingly economical.  It’s also easy to access, with the free app downloaded to your mobile device.

But the benefits of a limousine vs. Uber are numerous.  Add to those benefits (which we’ll talk about below), the fact that Uber’s been butting up against resistance wherever it goes and now has some monolithic challenges in its corporate offices.

Blue Streak Limousine is in the business of providing affordable luxury transportation.  We’re not Uber and that’s OK.  We don’t want to be.

Why limos rock.

We understand why people turn to services like Uber and its competitor, Lyft.  They fill a niche.  They service that niche quite well.  But they’re not Blue Streak.

Blue Streak Limousine is a fully licensed, fully insured company.  We provide all our guests with a level of security and accountability you’re unlikely to find with Uber.  Their cars are not held to same standards as ours are.  Neither, to be honest, are their drivers.

Our chauffeurs are professionals who bring our guests superior service and professional knowledge of regional road systems.  Uber’s drivers are essentially people using their own vehicles.  And here’s another factor in the discussion you should be aware of – Uber doesn’t consider its drivers employees.

Contractors, not employees.

At Blue Streak, we respect our employees.  At Uber, the “contractor” status the company’s drivers work under offers them no benefits, no Worker’s Compensation Insurance and no guaranteed wage.  That’s a great advantage for a new company trying to make a buck, but it’s not a great deal for drivers.

Blue Streak believes that our treatment of employees results in better service for our guests.  With a limousine company like ours, guests enjoy a level of service Uber simply can’t offer, with contractors who receive little support from the company.

Affordable prices don’t change.

We pride ourselves on offering our guests plush luxury at an affordable price.  That price doesn’t change because it’s rush hour, or a holiday.  It’s not impacted by a sudden dearth of drivers in your area.  Our prices are fixed, affordable and reliable.  That’s not the case with Uber.

Uber can change prices, based on its supply and demand business model.  For example, if many people in a certain area want an Uber at the same time (especially during peak times), customers pay more.

And that’s not how we roll at Blue Streak.

At Blue Streak, we bring you an exceptional guest experience, in meticulously detailed vehicles.  You ride in style and in the knowledge that your driver is accountable to an employer.

Further, your chauffeur’s employer extends respectful treatment to its employees, which means guests get the world class service we’re famous for.

We know Uber has a place in the world, but it’s no substitute for a limousine from Blue Streak.  The benefits of a limousine vs. Uber are numerous, but these are our bullet points.

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