David Rubinstein Atrium (Lincoln Center)

Beat the Heat at These Indoor Venues In NYC

Summer in the Big Apple means people looking half dead, walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a matchhead (to quote the Lovin’ Spoonful).

If the back of your neck is getting dirty and gritty, summer in the city can be a lot more tolerable when you seek refuge in one of the splendid pockets of cool found in the concrete jungle.  When the heat gets to be too much to bear, smart people get indoors.

Beat the heat at these indoor venues in NYC and keep your sanity!

New York City: Indoor Venues

The Hispanic Society of America.

This hidden gem is one of NYC’s best kept summer secrets.  Tucked away in a breathtaking Beaux Art building, the Society features art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.  And yes, it’s air conditioned.

Winter Garden Atrium.

Did you immediately feel cooler, just reading the word “winter”?  Multiply the effect by visiting this palm-tree filled atrium, with its views of the Hudson River.  Equipped with free wi-fi, it’s a top spot to keep your climate-controlled cool.

Take the train to Rockaway.

Except at rush hour, the train to Rockaway offers not only a respite from the wilting summer heat, but also a ride through a wildlife sanctuary.  Grab a window seat and take in wild birds like cranes and herons, as you feel terribly pleased with yourself for being so summer-smart.

David Rubinstein Atrium (Lincoln Center).

Did you know that the Municipal Art Society keeps a database of privately-owned spaces open to the public?  This one is right at the top of their list.  Just beholding the 20-foot living wall in this space will make you feel cooler, but it’s also air-conditioned and boasts free wi-fi.

Astoria Public Pool (Queens).

This area is a handy to Manhattan and an up and coming neighborhood.  Even if you don’t swim, you can learn here, as there are free lessons!  This Olympic-sized facility has plenty of room to accommodate you and all your summer-weary friends.

BOAT bar (Brooklyn).

Located in the Boerum Hill area of Brooklyn, BOAT is an unassuming little joint.  Climate controlled, dark and divey, BOAT offers inexpensive cocktails and beer.  Slink in and enjoy a budget-friendly retreat from the heat and feel cool in more ways than one.

A Blue Streak limo.

There’s no better place to keep your cool than in the plush leather back seat of a Blue Streak limo.  Relax and enjoy a turn around the city, as you smugly enjoy the air-conditioned comfort.

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Summer in the city can get oppressive.  That’s when smart people seek out climate-controlled goodness.  Beat the heat at these indoor venues in NYC, including the most luxuriously affordable venue around – Blue Streak Limousine.

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