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Forget the Uber and Plan a Memorable Night Out In a Blue Streak Limo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know something about the sharing economy and Uber, the ride-sharing giant.  You may even have read reports from around the world about restive taxi drivers, angry about Uber’s entry to the market.

Regardless of what you think of Uber – whether you’re a friend or foe – Uber and the sharing economy are here to stay.

But here’s the thing – Uber isn’t Blue Streak Limousine.  When you’re looking forward to a fabulous evening on the town, that’s why you need to forget the Uber and plan a memorable night out in a Blue Streak Limo.

Transparent pricing.

Blue Streak is a top-ranked limousine company in New Jersey and New York states.  With a fleet of luxury vehicles, lavishly appointed with high-end amenities, we offer our guests so much more than a way to get from Point “A” to Point “B”.

Uber’s pricing policies are based on supply and demand.  That means your ride will cost more at certain times of the day, in certain areas.  Flexible pricing is full of unwelcome surprises.  It’s reported that customers of Uber sometimes discover that the fare they’re quoted when they log into the app isn’t what they’re asked for when they get to their destinations.

But at Blue Streak, that’s not how we roll.  You’ll always know what your ride’s going to cost and what’s more, we’re affordable.  We may not lob a bottle of water at you when climb into the back seat, but you’ll find some in the mini-bar, with ice at the ready.

There when you need us.

When you book a Blue Streak limo, there’s no question that we’ll be there when you need us.  When you book with Blue Streak, your night out goes exactly as planned, because our chauffeurs are consummate professionals.

Equipped with all the knowledge they need so you can relax and enjoy your night out from the comfort of our plushly-upholstered back seat, a Blue Streak chauffeur makes sure everything goes exactly as planned.

Our drivers maintain constant contact with dispatchers, ensuring your plans aren’t derailed by contingencies like traffic snarls and difficult weather conditions.

Fully licensed and insured.

Remember those disgruntled taxi drivers?  One of their most pressing problems with Uber is that they’re not licensed in the same way as taxis are.  That doesn’t seem like an optimal arrangement, to be honest.

Blue Streak is licensed and insured for your peace of mind.  As a respected business that’s been operating for well over a decade, we put your security and safety right at the top of our list of priorities.

Forget the Uber.

There’s really no comparison between Blue Streak and Uber, as we hope we’ve made clear.  We’re a premium limousine company, staffed by trained professionals who won’t let you down.

Forget the Uber and plan a memorable night out in a Blue Streak Limo.  With outstanding service, value and luxurious comfort, we’re the smart way to get there.