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Benefits of Chauffeured Ground Transportation vs. The Drawbacks of Car Rental

The event is nigh and you’re wondering how everyone is going to get there.  You’ve held up your end of the bargain, but what the heck is everyone else up to?

Is it time to bite your nails?

C’mon.  Life’s too short and you’ve got enough to do.

The benefits of chauffeured ground transportation vs. the drawbacks of car rental are numerous, but we have some compelling reasons for you to choose the chauffeured option.  Let’s look at why chauffeured ground transportation is the right choice for people who’d rather not tear their hair out on any special day.

You’re running the show.

Let’s face it.  It’s your event.  You need to be aware of the movement of key people you’ve invited.  Is it really a good idea leaving to chance the timely arrival of rambunctious groomsmen?  Frisky graduates?

We think not.

At Blue Streak Limousine, we believe that the smart alternative is to organize your special event’s ground transportation with a company providing professional, chauffeured ground transportation that helps you get the party started on time and in high, elegant style your guests won’t forget.

Road knowledge.

Are you quite confident that Uncle Rolfe from Nantucket is going to know how to get to your family reunion with his dodgy GPS in that rental car from the airport?

We wouldn’t count on it.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to put Uncle Rolfe from Nantucket in the capable hands of one of Blue Streak’s courteous, expert chauffeurs?

We sure think so.

You know he’s going to be picked up at the airport by a skilled driver, with knowledge of regional roads and conveyed to the reunion on time, with Blue Streak.  With us, there’s no stress, because we’re pros who know their way around.


Uncle Rolfe from Nantucket aside, what about grandma?  Sure, she’s got her Memaw posse with her, but Alabama’s a long way from New Jersey.

Give her the golden touch her golden years deserve with the gift of cushy elegance and immaculately detailed comfort Blue Streak affords.  She’ll feel as coddled as the Queen of England, as she rides in style from the airport, to her hotel and then, on to the wedding, graduation or reunion, with her courteous driver.

Your special event deserves the very best.  Why not share the love with chauffeured ground transportation that takes the hair-tearing out of your big day’s ground transportation plan?

Spreading the love.

At Blue Streak, we love weddings, graduations, quinceañeras, birthdays and every event that brings people joy.  We can’t think of anything more satisfying than elevating your ride on your special day, making sure Uncle Rolfe and Memaw get there on time, in style and the most luxurious comfort available, for an affordable price.

Blue Streak is the upscale response to car rentals.  We go beyond ground transportation, offering our guests superior professionalism, comfort, value and style to create events of distinction.  We knock rentals right out of the part.

Contact us.  Elevate your ride.